On May 9, 2022 a jury found Defendant Brenton Stuart Boatwright guilty of the second-degree murder of Kaylen Tate, 24, an innocent bystander in a gun battle.

On July 22, 2019 in a residential neighborhood in Oakland, the defendant and a another man, Abdulsatar Muqbel, got into a heated argument. Mr. Tate, who was with the defendant, got in between the two men to try and stop them. They separated and left the area.

Later the same day, Muqbel saw the Defendant and Mr. Tate parked on a residential street and pulled over. Words were exchanged and the shootout ensued. Mr. Tate was hit by a shot from the defendant’s gun.

The jury also found the defendant guilty of attempted murder with personal use; shooting at an inhabited vehicle and illegal possession of a gun.

He is expected to be sentenced on Aug. 15 in Department 6.

DDA Kevin Ikuma prosecuted the case, with aide from Victim Witness Advocate Tabian Lee and Inspector Eric Milina.