What is C.A.R.E.S?

When police contact a person suspected of committing a low-level offense, but who may display mental health or substance use struggles, they will be offered transport to the CARES center rather than jail. There, they meet with a peer support specialist and will be assessed by a clinician.

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A Statement from District Attorney Nancy E. O'Malley

DA Nancy O'Malley concluded the investigation and legal analysis of the involvement of A. Prione in the death of Oscar Grant.

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The National Association of Counties (NACo) granted the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office a 2021 Achievement Award for its Certified Peer Support Specialist Program in the category of Criminal Justice and Public Safety.

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Alameda County DA Nancy O’Malley announced a groundbreaking partnership that will result in re-direction of qualified individuals who have engaged in criminal conduct from the criminal justice system and into the Behavioral or Mental Health support systems. The program, commonly referred to as the “3-D Program” will initially be a pilot program that will likely expand to all police agencies in Alameda County.

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Protecting DV and Interpersonal Abuse Survivors

While Shelter in Place measures are necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19, they can pose serious risk for residents who are experiencing domestic and/or interpersonal violence. These FAQs are intended to clarify the current shelter-in-place requirements as they relate to residents facing domestic or other interpersonal violence. See FAQ answers here..

Family Justice Center Remains Open During COVID-19 Crisis

The Family Justice Center is open and ready to serve crisis needs for victims and survivors of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and exploitation, child abuse, child abduction, elder and dependent adult abuse, and human trafficking.

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OAKLAND, CA -- The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office announces that former San Leandro Police Sgt. Robert Frank Sanchez was sentenced Sept. 1, 2021 to two years of felony probation, 240 hours of community service and ordered to pay a maximum of $46,815.88 in restitution stemming from grand theft from the police department.


COVID Related Phishing

Pandemic-related email scams are on the rise with the increase in delta variant COVID cases and COVID vaccinations. Beware of unsolicited emails that direct you to click a link or open an attachment. These could be “phishing” attempts by bad actors seeking to steal personal information or install malware.

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People v Oxane Taub

On Aug. 26, 2021, a jury found defendant Oxane Taub guilty of 20 counts-- from felony charges of stalking, dissuading a witness, and attempted child abduction to misdemeanor counts for violating protective orders and child molest.


People v Marius Dante Robinson

On August 5, 2021, a jury convicted Marius Dante Robinson, 48, of the second-degree murder of Robert Ellis Coleman, 43.

“Revenge was the fuel that ignited this defendant’s burning desire to murder Mr. Coleman in a cold-blooded assassination on the streets of Oakland,” said Deputy District Attorney Adam McConney during his closing argument.

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Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley spoke at a press conference on July 26 to address the recent uptick in violence against members of Asian American Pacific Islander community.

“My office continues to stand with our community in denouncing the hate-motivated violence that is committed against Asian Americans and the AAPI community,” said District Attorney O’Malley during the press conference in Oakland’s Chinatown.



On July 22, 2021, a jury found defendant Fred Bates Sr., 64, guilty of attempted murder of a 52-year-old woman.

The attempted murder occurred on Oct. 13, 2019 on International Boulevard in Oakland. The female victim was shot in the upper left arm and her right eye. She testified during the trial.



We’re proud to announce Alameda County District Attorney’s Office own Chief Assistant District Attorney Kevin E. Dunleavy has been appointed by Governor Newsom as a judge to the San Mateo County Superior Court.

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On July 6, 2021, a jury found defendant Eduardo Galindo-Garcia guilty of the second-degree murder of Joseph Cox, who was fatally shot on June 9, 2018 in a road-rage incident.

The jury also found the defendant guilty of felony shooting at an occupied motor vehicle.

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The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office is encouraged by the good news that Juneteenth is now a federally-recognized holiday, signed into law by President Joe Biden.

Juneteenth National Independence Day, a day to commemorate the end of slavery in the United States, will become the 12th legal public holiday, the first since Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 1983.

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People vs. Curtys Taylor

On April 29, 2021, a jury found Defendant Curtys Taylor guilty of First-Degree Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder related to a homicide that took place November, 2016, in Arroyo Viejo Park in Oakland.

Defendant Curtys Taylor and Defendant Laura Rodgers were dating, and, for months, plotted and planned to kill Karla Ramirez, a co-worker and Ms. Rogers’ former girlfriend. Evidence in the case proved that Curtys Taylor assumed Ms. Rodgers’ identity and sent text messages to Ms. Ramirez to lure her to Arroyo Viejo Park.


DA O’Malley Declines to File Charges Against Chinatown Store Owner

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley today announced that charges would not be filed against Chinatown liquor store owner Aaron Yee, who last month fired shots at multiple suspects attempting to rob a woman across the street from his shop. The DA is declining to file charges based on Mr. Yee’s justifiable use of force to defend the victim from a violent attack.

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Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley announced today a groundbreaking partnership that will result in re-direction of qualified individuals who have engaged in criminal conduct from the criminal justice system and into the Behavioral or Mental Health support systems. The program, commonly referred to as the “3-D Program” will initially be a pilot program that will likely expand to all police agencies in Alameda County.

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Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) today announced a $4.1 million civil settlement with Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. (Schnitzer). The settlement resolves allegations that Schnitzer unlawfully caused hazardous waste from its metal recycling operations to be blown offsite into neighboring properties in West Oakland and the Oakland Estuary.

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District Attorney Nancy O’Malley and Robert Schmitt from Clear Channel Outdoor launched their annual billboard campaign in recognition of Human Trafficking Awareness Month. This year’s theme is “Support Survivors.” DA O’Malley and Robert Schmitt, Regional President of Northern California at Clear Channel Outdoor announced the campaign in a video press conference.

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DA O’Malley announced introduction of sponsored legislation requiring the creation of an online portal that would allow survivors to receive updates on the status of their sexual assault evidence kits.

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Police identify suspect and DA files charges in cold case that has haunted the Bay Area for over 30 years

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley has filed a criminal complaint against David Misch. The complaint charges Misch with the murder and kidnapping of Michaela Garecht on November 19, 1988, in the city of Hayward. In addition to the charge of Murder, a violation of Penal Code Section 187, the District Attorney also alleges Special Circumstances in that Michaela was murdered in the course of a kidnapping, a violation of Penal Code Section 190.2(a)(17)(ii), and the Special Circumstance of being convicted previously of murder, a violation of Penal Code Section 190.2(a)(2).

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DA O'Malley Sponsors Legislation Protecting Victims of Revenge Porn

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley announced the introduction of sponsored legislation to give victims of revenge porn more time to report these incidents. Senate Bill 23 is authored by Senator Susan Rubio (D- Baldwin Park) and co-sponsored by the California District Attorneys Association.

Senate Bill 23 changes the statute of limitations for the intentional distribution of an intimate image (Penal Code 647) from one year from the time of distribution to one year from the time that the victim discovers that the image has been distributed. Often, victims are not aware that the image has been distributed online until the existing statute of limitations has lapsed, preventing them from seeking criminal charges.

“Image-based sexual abuse is an invasive and increasingly common crime, which involves nonconsensual posting of private or intimate photos or videos,” states DA O’Malley. “These images are posted to social media sites to shame, embarrass, harass, and intimidate the victim. We must ensure that California law can protect victims of this horrible crime. I want to thank Senator Rubio for authoring this important piece of legislation.”

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DA O'Malley Announces Ross Stores Inc. to Pay $3.335 Million Settlement for Environmental Violations

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley, along with 38 other California District Attorneys and two City Attorneys, announced that Monterey County Superior Court has ordered Delaware-based retailer Ross Stores, Inc. (Ross) to pay $3.335 million as part of a settlement of a civil environmental prosecution.

“It is vital that any company doing business in California abide by our environmental protection laws. My office remains dedicated to prosecuting violations of these laws in our ongoing effort to safeguard our natural resources from irreparable harm due to improper disposal of hazardous waste,” states DA O’Malley.

The judgment is the culmination of a civil enforcement action filed on November 20, 2020 in Monterey County and led by the District Attorneys of Alameda, Monterey, San Joaquin, Yolo and Riverside counties, claiming that more than 441 Ross and dd’s Discount Stores throughout the state unlawfully handled and disposed of various hazardous wastes and materials over a seven year period. Those hazardous wastes and materials included electronic waste, cosmetics, batteries, mercury lamps, personal care products, aerosol spray cans and other toxic and ignitable materials.

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Suspect in Cold Hit Case Takes Own Life

Gregory Vien’s Preliminary Hearing halted when defendant hospitalized after suicide attempt. Suspect succumbs to self-inflicted injuries.

Oakland, CA - Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley announces that the cold case against Defendant Gregory Paul Vien has been halted. The case involved the sexual assault of two women from 1997. Both crimes were solved in 2019 through DNA. The defendant was charged with multiple felony sexual assault charges on November 4, 2019. He was arrested November 5, 2019 and held in Santa Rita Jail. In April, 2020 he was released by the Court due to COVID-19 concerns, over the objection of the District Attorney’s Office.

The Preliminary Hearing began November 12, 2020 in the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse. Both victim-survivors testified in open court with the defendant and his attorney present. The defendant was out of custody. After the victim-survivors’ testimony, the defendant shot himself several times with a nail gun, sustaining significant injuries. On November 19, 2020, Vien died from his self-inflicted injuries.

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District Attorney O’Malley Announces $113 Million Multistate Settlement Against Apple for Misrepresenting iPhone Batteries and Performance Throttling

The settlement provides California with $24.6 million and requires Apple to be more transparent in its iPhone software updates

Oakland, CA– Alameda County DA Nancy O’Malley, along with California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and the District Attorneys for Los Angeles, Santa Clara, San Diego and Santa Cruz Counties, announced a $113 million settlement against Apple. The settlement, which was jointly negotiated with 32 other states and Washington DC, resolves allegations that the company misled consumers about certain iPhone updates that resulted in slower processing performance, sometimes called “throttling.”

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Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc., to Pay $1.49 Million in Settlement of Environmental Violations

District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley, along with 30 other California District Attorneys and the Los Angeles City Attorney, announced today a $1.49 million settlement against New Jersey-based Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc. (“Bed Bath & Beyond”) to resolve allegations that the company violated state laws governing hazardous waste.

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District Attorney Settles Price Gouging Case Against Safeway, Inc.

Continuing her efforts to protect consumers during the pandemic, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley announced that her office, together with the Contra Costa County District Attorney, settled a price gouging case against Safeway, Inc.

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DAs Announce Expansion of MOU in Nine Bay Area Counties to Respond in The Event of Mass Casualty

On the third anniversary of the Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting in Las Vegas, the District Attorneys of the nine Bay Area Counties announce the signing and expansion of thier Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to streamline a coordinated response in the event of a mass casualty crime incident.

The nine counties include Alameda, San Francisco, Sonoma, Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo, San Joaquin, Solano, and Santa Cruz counties. The MOU allows any participating county impacted by a mass casualty crime incident to request shared resources and personnel from the surrounding counties. This is critical because a mass casualty event can quickly deplete county resources and victim or witness support staff, given the high number of people affected by suffering injuries, witnessing the incident, or experiencing the loss of a loved one. In such an event, the other counties would deploy staff and support to the affected county to ensure that there are sufficient victim and witness support providers available in the aftermath of a mass violence event.

“We have experienced far too many incidents in the Bay Area and across California that have resulted in mass casualties. Whether the result of shootings, fires, incidents at the hands of another or natural disaster, the impact is far greater than for any one agency to provide comprehensive responses and advocacies. While we hope that we will never again face a mass casualty incident, we must be prepared to respond if the need arises,” said Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley. “The nine Bay Area counties have joined together with united protocols, extensive training and coordination to provide mutually combined responses in the face of tragedy. We are all committed to providing the best possible help to any and all of our communities. Working together, we are stronger for our communities and for any individual who is affected by a mass casualty event.”

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