DA O’Malley Announces Filing of Voluntary Manslaughter Charges Against San Leandro Officer

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley announced today that her office has file a criminal complaint charging San Leandro Police Officer Jason Fletcher with Penal Code Section 192(a), Voluntary Manslaughter, a felony.


Protecting DV and Interpersonal Abuse Survivors

While Shelter in Place measures are necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19, they can pose serious risk for residents who are experiencing domestic and/or interpersonal violence. These FAQs are intended to clarify the current shelter-in-place requirements as they relate to residents facing domestic or other interpersonal violence. See FAQ answers here..

Interpersonal Violence Social Media Campaign

The Alameda, San Diego, and Sacramento County District Attorney's Offices along with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of California, have released a series of social media posts over the past two weeks to reach victims of interpersonal violence during the Shelter In Place.

Share resources and help save lives
View the toolkit here

Child Abuse PSA Campaign

The District Attorney’s office created three public service announcements currently airing on regional Comcast stations providing child abuse messaging and resources. Text or call ChildHelp.org at 800-422-4453 for help.


Family Justice Center Remains Open During COVID-19 Crisis

The Family Justice Center is open and ready to serve crisis needs for victims and survivors of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and exploitation, child abuse, child abduction, elder and dependent adult abuse, and human trafficking.

View more information of services available here

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Governor Signs AB 1927, legislation sponsored by DA Nancy O'Malley

Today, Governor Newsom signed legislation cosponsored by the Alameda County District Attorney’s office to provide immunity for victims and witnesses of sexual assault from criminal prosecution for the illegal use of alcohol or drugs occurring at the time of the alleged assault. This bill, co-sponsored with the San Diego District Attorney’s office and authored by Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath (D-Encinitas), removes a barrier that might otherwise prevent or discourage victims of sexual assault from seeking justice.

“As District Attorney, I have made it my mission to empower survivors of sexual assault, and today the Governor has taken another step towards that goal,” said Alameda County District Attorney O’Malley. “We know that sexual assault cases are complicated and, in some instances, are intertwined with of drugs and/or alcohol. Survivors will now feel comfortable coming forward, knowing that they will not be charged with these low-level crimes. I want to thank Assemblymember Horvath for authoring and the Governor for signing this important legislation.”

AB 1927 follows in the footsteps of rules adopted by colleges nationwide to protect victims of sexual assault from separate disciplinary action related to drugs or alcohol at the time of the assault. This bill will prevent victims from undergoing the unnecessary trauma of testifying in order to be granted immunity, and hopefully encourage victims to come forward.
“The signing of AB 1927 sends a strong message to the thousands of victims of sexual assault who remained silent – we hear you, we understand your fears, and your stories are valid,” said Assemblymember Boerner Horvath. “For too long, our judicial system has placed unnecessary burdens on victims seeking justice.”

The bill enjoyed bipartisan support in both houses and did not receive any “no” votes throughout the legislative cycle.

DA O'Malley asks Governor to Veto Bill that Threatens Public Safety and Victims' Rights

California Assembly Bill 3234 is a threat to public safety and victim’s rights. It has been rushed through the legislative process without allowing for public comment or careful consideration.

This bill allows for diversion in most misdemeanor criminal prosecutions, even over the objection of the prosecutor and/or the victim in the case. This means that a judge could effectively halt the prosecution of misdemeanor crimes, including extremely serious offenses that pose danger to the community and to victims. This includes crimes that directly affect the safety and well-being of our communities: Driving Under the Influence (DUI)– Misdemeanor DUI w/ injury; Vehicular Manslaughter w/alcohol but without gross negligence; Crimes of Violence – Elder Abuse; Child Abuse; Assault by Means of Force Likely to Cause Great Bodily Injury; Misdemeanor Hate Crimes; Firearms Offenses – Carrying a Concealed Firearm; Carrying a Loaded Firearm in Public; Bringing a Deadly Weapon to a Courthouse, or State or Local Public Building; Possession of a Firearm in a School Zone and Dissuading a Witness or Crime Victim from reporting a crime or testifying and Criminal Threats.

“The District Attorney’s Office has long supported diversion and other alternatives to prosecution under appropriate circumstances. We continue to agree with the court and the defense in allowing diversion when it is reasonable given the facts of the case and in consideration of the rights of the victim,” states DA O’Malley. “This bill, however, goes too far in diverting very serious criminal conduct out of the justice system over the objection of the prosecutor and without the agreement of the victim.”

Read more in full press release

DA O'Malley Announces $1.43 Million Settlement to Address Illegal Dumping of Hazardous Waste

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley announced today that Alameda County Superior Court Judge Tara M. Desautels has ordered Kelly-Moore Paint Company (Kelly-Moore) to pay $1.43 million as part of a settlement of a civil enforcement prosecution. The judgment resolves allegations that the company violated state laws governing hazardous waste by routinely and illegally disposing of paint colorants, paint, electronic devices, aerosol products, and other hazardous wastes into company waste bins destined for municipal landfills not authorized to accept hazardous waste. The lawsuit also resolves allegations that Kelly-Moore failed to shred customer records containing confidential information before disposal.

“A top priority of my office is the protection of our environment,” states DA O’Malley. “By improperly disposing of hazardous wastes, Kelly-Moore violated California laws designed to safeguard the state’s natural resources. We will continue to investigate and prosecute instances of illegal disposal of hazardous waste in our ongoing effort to preserve and protect the soil, waterways and air that are vital to our health and well-being.”

Read more in the full press release here

DA O'Malley Announces Filing of Voluntary Manslaughter Charges Against San Leandro Officer in Killing of Steven Taylor

Oakland, CA- Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley has announced that her office has file a criminal complaint charging San Leandro Police Officer Jason Fletcher with Penal Code Section 192(a), Voluntary Manslaughter, a felony. The charges are based on the Officer’s use of force resulting in the death of Steven Taylor on April 18, 2020 in the San Leandro Walmart Store.

“The decision to file the criminal complaint was made after an intensive investigation and thorough analysis of the evidence and the current law,” states DA O’Malley. “The work of Police Officers is critical to the health, safety and well-being of our communities. Their job is one of the most demanding in our society, especially in these current challenging times. They are sworn to uphold and enforce the laws.

When there is use of force by a police officer that results in death, the District Attorney's Office conducts an independent and thorough investigation of the facts. We are mandated to apply those facts to California law. The decision must be made based solely on the facts and the current law. Justice demands this process to be done in an unbiased and legally sound manner.”
Read more in full press release

Price gouging investigation results in civil judgement, contribution of face masks to food bank & Medical services

Continuing efforts to combat unlawful price gouging during the coronavirus pandemic, District Attorney Nancy O’Malley announced today that her office resolved a civil action against a local retailer known as Save-On Supplies, based in Dublin. On April 3, 2020, Governor Newsom issued an executive order that prohibits a business from selling consumer products that it did not sell before the pandemic emergency for more than 50% over its wholesale costs.

In this case, after receiving complaints about high prices, the District Attorney found that Save-On was charging more for face masks, including surgical masks and KN95 masks, than allowed by the Governor’s order. For example, consumers reported that Save-On was charging $120 for a pack of 20 KN95 masks and $125 for a pack of 50 disposable masks. The investigation revealed that the markup for these products was far in excess of the amount allowed under the order.

Read more in full press release here...

Bill to Compel Gun Industry to Adopt New Safety Features Advances

Legislation would strengthen Unsafe Handgun Act, making way for microstamping technology and new safety features

Sacramento, CA—On July 31 legislation sponsored by District Attorney Nancy O’Malley and authored by Assemblymember David Chiu (D-San Francisco) aiming to reduce gun fatalities by requiring the gun industry to produce handguns with greater safety features passed the Senate Public Safety Committee. Assembly Bill 2847 would strengthen the Unsafe Handgun Act (UHA) and open up the use of microstamping technology in order to solve firearm-related crimes. The bill is cosponsored by the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence.

“This law will have a direct and lasting effect in the fight to end gun violence. California’s cities and neighborhoods are plagued by shootings and AB 2847 provides a smart and realistic tool to identify firearms and prosecute gun crimes. The unique microstamp on each handgun will allow law enforcement and district attorneys to identify criminals and hold them accountable. It is imperative that we do all we can to stop the seemingly endless horror of gun violence in our state,” says DA O’Malley. “I thank Assemblymember Chiu for authoring this legislation as well as our cosponsors, the Brady Campaign.”

Read more in full press release here

Charges files against alameda county sheriff's office technician and santa rita jail inmate

The two are alleged to have worked together to bring cell phone and drugs into the jail

On July 29 the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office filed multiple felony counts against ACSO Technician Shannon Taylor and Leonard Jones, an inmate at Santa Rita Jail. The criminal complaint stems from an extensive investigation revealing that defendant Taylor, on multiple occasions illegally brought a cell phone and methamphetamine into the jail and furnished it to defendant Jones. It is alleged that the two were working together- she furnishing the methamphetamine for him to sell in the jail and sharing in the proceeds of the sales.

“Shannon Taylor’s actions not only violate the law, but also the trust the public places in those working withing the justice system,” says District Attorney O’Malley. “My Office will ensure that both defendants are held to account. They not only broke the law, but also put the health and safety of inmates and staff at the jail at risk. It is deeply troubling that an employee of the Sheriff’s Office engaged in this degree of criminal conduct, and I commend the excellent investigation that uncovered the crimes.”

Leonard Jones is in custody awaiting trial on murder charges and is expected to be arraigned on this new case on July 31, 2020. Shannon Taylor was arrested on June 17, 2020. She is out of custody and expected to be arraigned on August 14, 2020.

A copy of the criminal complaint as well as the declarations of probable cause are attached here.

Lyft and Alameda DA’s Office Partner to Provide Free Rides to and from Family Justice Center

The District Attorney’s Office and Lyft have teamed up to provide access to transportation for victims and survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, elder abuse, and sexual assault with rides to and from the Family Justice Center. The transportation network company will provide access to free rides to those in need of transportation to and from the Center where they will receive vital help and resources.

“We are extremely grateful to Lyft. It takes a company with compassion and a vision to make available this type of community service,” says DA O’Malley. “The services provided at the Family Justice Center are life-changing for many of the victims and survivors who we work with. Access is key, and this partnership will ensure that anyone who needs us has a secure mode of transportation to and from the Center.”

“We want to fill mobility needs for those who need it most and we thank District Attorney O'Malley for her leadership in finding ways to help survivors of intimate partner and sexual violence get to secure locations, like the Alameda County Family Justice Center” said Traci Lee, Senior Public Policy Manager, Lyft. “By working together with leaders like DA O'Malley, we can continue to activate LyftUp and provide transportation access to those who need it.”

The Alameda County Family Justice Center is made up of over 30 onsite and over 50 offsite agencies and programs that provide services and support to individuals and families who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault and exploitation, child abuse, elder and dependent adult abuse, and stalking. It is located at 470 27th Street in Oakland.

In order to access the ride from Lyft:

Call 510 267-8800 to reach a navigator at the Family Justice Center. The navigators have the codes from Lyft and will either make the code available or arrange for the ride.

Hear. See. Suspect. Report. - Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Resource List

The District Attorney's Office remains concerned for those suffering from domestic violence and child abuse during the Shelter In Place Order. Resource flyers in English and Spanish are now available to download. Please help your community by printing, and sharing.

View/download high resolution English flyer here

View/download high resolution Spanish flyer here

The District Attorney’s Office is Open and Dedicated to the Safety of the Public During the COVID-19 Crisis

Resources, Information and Updates

Serving Victims During Shelter in Place Order: Both the District Attorney’s Office and Alameda County Family Justice Center remain open to continue to serve victims and survivors in critical need. Click here for a full list of services available at the FJC. The DA’s Office remains staffed to answer your calls. See a full phone list here.

FAQs Regarding Protecting Domestic and Interpersonal Violence Survivors During Shelter in Place: These FAQs are intended to clarify the current shelter-in-place requirements as they relate to residents facing domestic or other interpersonal violence. See answers here…

Stopping Hate Crimes: The DA's Office has a hate crime number available for the reporting of hate related crimes: 510-208-4824 (with outgoing messages in English, Spanish, Farsi, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tagalog. Read more…

Where and How to Report Price Gouging: The DA’s Office asks anyone who has been a victim of price gouging or has information on potential price gouging due to the current COVID-19 crisis to file a complaint at pricegouging@acgov.org

Staying Safe from COVID-19 Scams: In order to report an apparent scam or fraudulent claim please email the DA’s Consumer Protection Division at askcepd-da@acgov.org Click here for more tips on staying safe from potential scammers during the current public health crisis…


Read more in full press release here...

FAQs Regarding Protecting Survivors of Domestic and Interpersonal Violence or Abuse During Shelter in Place

See the answers to these FAQs here

(Spanish - Vietnamese - Cantonese versions


There is no place in Alameda County for hate motivated conduct or hate driven words based on race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The District Attorney’s Office maintains a hate crime hotline available for the reporting of hate-related crimes: 510-208-4824 (with outgoing messages in English, Spanish, Farsi, Mandarin, Cantonese and Tagalog).

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