How to  file a complaint against a company or individual

We have two complaint forms available on our website:

Consumer Fraud Form (111Kb)

Real Estate Fraud Complaint Form (131Kb)

  • Although we are happy to explain the complaint process to you on the phone, we normally do not accept telephone complaints themselves.
  • If you are unable to download our complaint forms from this website, you may call and request a form be mailed to you.
  • There is no cost or fee required to file a complaint form.




Can the District Attorney’s Office represent me in an action against someone who has defrauded me?

No. We are unable to represent private citizens seeking the return of their money or other personal remedies. Instead, we pursue both criminal and civil law enforcement actions in the name of the People of California.

I am thinking of remodeling my home and a neighbor recommended a contractor. How do I find out more information about this person and his or her company?

Contractors are licensed through the Contractor’s State Licensing Board. Consult the CSLB for information on license status and other helpful tips before hiring a contractor.

Can I check on the license status of other professionals as well?

Yes. Many professionals like doctors, chiropractors, veterinarians, auto mechanics, etc., must be licensed with the State of California. Most license verifications can be conducted online via the Department of Consumer Affairs website. The local Better Business Bureau may be able to give you information about businesses in your area.

I have been solicited to sign up for a suspicious-looking mortgage loan program. Can I report it to your office?

Yes. Please complete and mail in a real estate complaint form. You may also check a broker’s license status through the Department of Real Estate.

I have been injured on the job and my employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance. Can I report him or her?

Yes. You should contact our office or the Department of Insurance to file a complaint. Please consult our Workers Compensation Fraud section or download the brochure for additional information on laws pertaining to workers compensation insurance.

I would like to make a complaint against my private attorney. Whom should I contact?

You should contact the California State Bar.

I have seen someone dumping chemicals into a storm drain. Is that something I should report?

Yes. You can either contact our office directly or the Alameda County Environmental Health Department.

I am 68 years old. My grandson lives in my house and does not pay rent. He takes drugs and I am afraid of him. I’d like him to move out, but what can I do?

Call Legal Assistance for Seniors www.lashicap.org at (510) 987-7390 or Adult Protective Services at (510) 577-3500. These agencies may be able to provide advice and assistance in getting court orders to make your grandson leave your home.

My 80-year-old father gets confused easily and keeps giving money to his new caregiver. Later, he can’t explain why. The caregiver also refuses to let our family see him or talk to him. What can I do to protect him?

This may be a case of elder financial abuse. Also, the caregiver may be engaging in a form of psychological abuse by isolating your father. Contact Adult Protective Services at (510) 577-3500. Your call is confidential. A social worker will do an investigation and may be able to offer services.

I have a 70-year-old neighbor. Lately, I hear her son screaming at her and threatening to hurt her if she doesn’t give him money. What can I do?

This may be a case of elder abuse. If you think your neighbor is in danger, call 911 right away. Also, you can contact Adult Protective Services at (510) 577-3500.

I work in a bank and an older customer whom I have known for years is (for the first time) withdrawing lots of cash at least once a week. I am concerned, but don’t know whether I should do anything.

This situation is a red flag that the elder might be experiencing financial abuse. You should talk to the person, express your concern, and ask him if he has a special reason for taking out the money. Employees of financial institutions are required by law to report any suspicions of elder abuse to either Adult Protective Services at (510) 577-3500 or the local police department. You may also wish to consult with your supervisor or fraud investigator.

I received a letter from the court telling me that I could ask for restitution. I’d like to request restitution, but I don’t want the defendant to contact me. How does restitution work?

All crime victims have a right to receive restitution from the defendant upon his or her conviction for the charged crime. This does not require any contact between the defendant and the victim. Once you submit a restitution claim, our office will pursue restitution as part of the criminal prosecution. Restitution will be collected by law enforcement agencies and forwarded to you, without any contact between you and the defendant.