Available Services

The Victim-Witness Assistance Division has trained and experienced Victim-Witness Advocates to work with victims, witnesses and their families throughout and beyond the criminal justice process. They serve as the liaison between the victims, prosecutor, law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies. It is important to us that victims are treated fairly and remain an integral part of the proceedings.

Advocates Services

Crisis Intervention and Emergency Assistance

Our staff will assist victims with an emotional crisis as a result of a crime. In certain cases, we provide emergency services such as food, shelter, clothing, medical care and transportation.

Resource and Referral Assistance

A victim of crime may be in need of assistance from other community agencies. We will help obtain appropriate services to meet the victims’ special needs by connecting the victim with resources which offer financial aide, emergency assistance, counseling and psychiatric services, legal assistance and assistance with medical and rehabilitation programs.

Victim’s Compensation Program

If you or a member of your family sustained injury as a direct result of a crime, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance through the California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB).

Employer Intervention

Upon request, an Victim-Witness Consultant can inform your employer that you have been a victim or are a witness to a crime that may cause you to miss work. They will explain to the employer that you have been called upon by the court to testify as a witness.

Court Support and Escort

When needed, a Victim-Witness Consultant will accompany victims, witnesses and family members to court proceedings. They provide support and information during this process in addition to on going interviews with law enforcement and prosecutors. As needed, transportation will be provided for the victims, witnesses and their family members.

Orientation to the Criminal Justice System

Our staff will provide information regarding court procedures and the function of the local criminal justice system.

Case Status and Disposition

In addition to providing case status, dispositions and updates regarding the criminal case we also explain what to expect as a witness in court.

Restitution Assistance

Our Victim-Witness Consultants can help you obtain restitution with your financial or property losses as a result of the crime. They will be a liaison between the Deputy District Attorney, our Restitution Unit, the Court, and the Probation Department.

Property Return

Our staff can assist in retrieving personal property that was held as evidence by the court or law enforcement.

Victim Impact Statement

This is an opportunity for you and your family to be heard by the court. Our staff will assist you and/or your family in making a personal or written statement to the court, probation department or parole hearing on how this crime has impacted your life.

“Thank you so much for all of your help and encouragement with regard to my case. You are doing such wonderful work in helping people like me in these difficult circumstances. I really appreciate all the times you were there to support me, talk to me and give me resources in my time of need”

— an Alameda County Victim of Crime