Policy & Legislation


District Attorney Pamela Y. Price is committed to adopting Leadership to internal policies that promote justice with compassion through transparency, equity, and accountability.

Special Directive 23-01 FAQ:

In April 2023, District Attorney Pamela Y. Price implemented an internal management directive designed to reduce reliance on sentencing enhancements and allegations as an effort to bring balance back to sentencing and reduce recidivism. This document answers frequently asked questions regarding the directive’s justification and implementation.



The District Attorney’s Office closely collaborates with lawmakers and members of the Alameda County community to endorse and propose legislation that fits with our mission. Organizational leaders also educate lawmakers on the needs of Alameda County and serve as expert witnesses.

April 19, 2023: District Attorney Pamela Y. Price is a plenary speaker for, California Family Justice Network Advocacy Day, educating California legislators on the need to fully fund holistic services for survivors of violence and trauma in Alameda County.