Oakland, CA. August 8, 2023 – The Alameda County District Attorney’s office is thrilled to announce the appointment of Kristina Molina, Director of the Victim-Witness Service Division, to the Board of Directors of the California Crime Victims Assistance Association (CCVAA). Molina’s appointment represents a significant recognition of her exceptional dedication to victim advocacy and her commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of crime victims and witnesses to crimes.

“I am honored to receive this appointment and look forward to sharing what we are doing here in Alameda County with our counterparts across the state,” said Kristina Molina. “In Alameda County, the DA’s office is committed to improving the working conditions of victim-witness advocates, sponsoring trauma-informed support training and information about restorative justice strategies for the entire Victim-Witness Advocate team.”

Beyond her work in crime victim services, Kristina is a staunch educator in dismantling systems of oppression through community organizing and outreach training. She has been an advocate for ageism, ableism, sexism, immigration empowerment, fat oppression, and LGBTQIQAAP+ rights.

Kristina’s journey is an inspiring one, having graduated from UC Berkeley with departmental honors despite being a disabled learner. She is the proud mother of four children with learning disabilities and serves as an elected member of the Community Advisory Committee for Special Education for the Oakland Unified School District.

She has demonstrated unwavering commitment to children’s advocacy through parent organizing and leadership on the board of Parent Voices Oakland.

Molina also has extensive political experience. She is an alumnus of EMERGE California and ran a grassroots campaign in 2020 for Oakland School Board seat in District 7. She is one of 7 women elected by registered democratic voters to represent the city of Oakland, Alameda and Emeryville at the California State Democratic Party Convention where she has the power to endorse candidates on behalf of District 18 voters.

The Alameda County DA’s office congratulates Kristina Molina on her well-deserved appointment to the CCVAA Board of Directors. Her dedication, expertise, and passion for victim advocacy will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the organization’s mission in providing comprehensive support and resources to crime victims across California.

“I’m familiar with the good work and victim advocacy services that CCVAA provides, having served as Program Director for Victim/Witness Services for two years in the Marin County DA Office,” stated Chief Otis Bruce. “This is a great statewide victim rights advocacy group! Kristina will be a great representative for Alameda County victims and services and for the Office of District Attorney!”


## Contact: Public Information Officer Patti Lee, patti.lee@acgov.org // 628-249-1288 

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