The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office is issuing this statement in support of our esteemed Chief Assistant District Attorney, Otis Bruce

Otis Bruce is an exemplary member of our Executive team who consistently demonstrates professionalism, integrity, and dedication in his role.

The timing of this attempt to discredit Bruce is telling. In March, Bruce filed a 12-million-dollar claim against Marin County for retaliation after he advocated for racial justice in his office. Yesterday, Marin County attempted to impeach his character and publicly humiliate this dedicated public servant with the release of a report that is false.

“I am quite familiar with the Oppenheimer firm that issued this report condemning Chief Bruce and people should not rush to judgment,” said DA Pamela Price.  “In an unrelated case, before I became DA, I represented two women attorneys who sued East Bay MUD for retaliation.  The Oppenheimer firm and their lead investigator claimed they found nothing wrong, but on June 22nd, a jury awarded the two women $8 million dollars for retaliation. East Bay MUD and The Oppenheimer Firm lost that case.”

At the Alameda County DA’s office, we take allegations of misconduct seriously and are developing policies and procedures to ensure a safe and respectful work environment. We are committed to fostering a harassment-free and welcoming work environment that encourages open communication, supports employees, and values diversity, equity and inclusion. Our hiring procedures are managed and administered by Chief Assistant District Attorney Royl Roberts who has done a remarkable job of hiring 80 employees in a short period of time. We stand firmly behind Chief Otis Bruce and will continue to support him.

## Contact: Public Information Officer Patti Lee, // 628-249-1288 

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The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office (DAO) is one of California’s largest prosecutors’ offices and is led by Alameda County’s first Black woman District Attorney Pamela Y. Price. Price brings her vision to this office to fairly administer justice in the pursuit of thriving, healthy, and safe communities for every person who steps foot in Alameda County, no matter their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, income, or zip code. Price has been recognized as one of the most progressive prosecutors through her forward-thinking, innovative strategies to interrupt cycles of violence and crime and bring change to a criminal justice system rooted in systemic racism. Follow Madam DA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and @AlamedaCountyda on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.