Alameda County District Attorney’s Office Announces Success of Operation Cross Country in Rescuing Human Trafficking Victims

Oakland, CA. August 3, 2023 The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office in collaboration with the Contra Costa District Attorney’s office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced the successful efforts of Operation Cross Country, a nationwide initiative aimed at combating human trafficking.  Led by the FBI and joined by 29 other Bay Area law enforcement agencies, the two-week initiative led to 17 operations in the Bay Area, resulting in significant outcomes.

In Alameda County, the operation was a joint effort with the FBI’s child exploitation and human trafficking task force, the Oakland police department, and the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. Oakland operations took place on July 19, 25, and 27 and led to the recovery of two juveniles and the pending arrest of one pimp.

At a press conference in Contra Costa County on August 2, 2023, Alameda County Deputy District Attorney Greg Boller praised the “victim-centric” approach employed during the operation. “Our commitment is to stand by these survivors, supporting them on their journey towards healing and justice, should the cases proceed to court,” said Boller, a seasoned prosecutor in the DAO.  “Our goal is to stop predatory behavior. Pimps are predators.”

Two Alameda County victim witness advocates participated and offered services to more than five adult survivors and were on call for conversations with other survivors.

“Two of our advocates waited ten hours so they could speak in person with these survivors. It is a testament to our commitment to a victim-centric approach even as we hold perpetrators accountable,” said District Attorney Pamela Price.

District Attorney Price also lauded the continued success of Operation Cross Country. “While details on specific charges and the responsible parties are yet to be finalized, we will not stop in our pursuit of justice and ensure that those who exploit others for profit and power face the full force of the law.”

If you suspect any form of human trafficking, whether it be sex or labor trafficking, please report it immediately local law enforcement or call our hotline at 510-208-4959.


## Contact: Public Information Officer Patti Lee, // 628-249-1288 


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