December 8, 2023

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price Delivers Year-End Report on Services Provided to Victims and Their Families

Oakland – The Office of Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price delivered a year-end report on the services provided to victims and their families. DA Price also announced the formation of the DAO’s first-ever Victims Advisory Commission, which builds on the progress of the past eleven months.

“Victims are a top priority for my administration,” said Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price. “In the past eleven months, our office has been able to reduce huge backlogs, build a larger support team for victims, and increase our speed and equity in service delivery for victims and their families.”

DA Price was joined by the victim advocacy group VOICES of the BAY AREA and members of her executive team, including Victim/Witness Advocates Director Kristina Molina and Family Justice Center Director Karla Elias-Flores who reported a long list of achievements—among them hiring 12 victim-witness advocates to serve Alameda County’s culturally diverse and multilingual community and adding seven clinicians to the Family Justice Center. More multi-lingual speakers, including indigenous and African American advocates, were also onboarded, dramatically diversifying the advocate division. DA Price also hired the first transgender advocate.

In 2023, under DA Price’s leadership, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has served more than 22,500 victims, provided over 60,000 services for victims and their families and paid more than $750,000 in compensation and burial expenses. Both Directors Molina and Elias-Flores reported on the dramatic reduction in backlogs created under the prior administration and resolved by DA Price’s administration.

Launching Alameda County’s first Victims Advisory Commission builds off this new tradition of progress. It is the third community commission created by DA Price since she took office, following the Mental Health Commission and the Reentry Commission. It is designed to ensure accountability and inspire innovative solutions through the participation of impacted community members.





The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office (DAO) is one of California’s largest prosecutors’ offices and is led by Alameda County’s first Black woman District Attorney Pamela Y. Price. Price brings her vision to this office to fairly administer justice in the pursuit of thriving, healthy, and safe communities for every person who steps foot in Alameda County, no matter their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, income, or zip code. Price has been recognized as one of the most progressive prosecutors through her forward-thinking, innovative strategies to interrupt cycles of violence and crime and bring change to a criminal justice system rooted in systemic racism. Follow Madam DA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and @AlamedaCountyda on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.