Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price’s Statement Regarding the Charges Against Defendants Accused of Killing Security Guard Kevin Nishita 

 December 18, 2023 

OAKLAND, CA — “My office has reached a decision regarding the charges against two of the three defendants accused of murdering Kevin Nishita, said Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price. “We believe there is evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to charge both defendants, Shadihia Mitchell and Hershel Hale, each with one count of first-degree murder, which carries with it 25 years to life sentences, as well as arming enhancements.” 

Mr. Nishita was a retired police officer who was working as a security guard protecting a television news crew when he was gunned down in Oakland on November 24, 2021. Both defendants are San Francisco residents whom it is alleged came to Oakland intending to commit a crime. 

“These are very serious charges, and they reflect my office’s commitment to punishing those who come to Alameda County to inflict harm on people in our community,” said DA Price.  “This trial comes at a time when Mr. Nishita’s family continues to grieve. I understand, but I could never fully know the pain the Nishita family is experiencing at this moment. I realize there is nothing that I can say that will remove their anguish because, ultimately, no charge will undo the senseless act of violence that killed him.” 

A third defendant, Laron Gilbert, is still at large.  He is considered armed and dangerous. If anyone knows his whereabouts, we ask you to contact Oakland police.