Berkeley Man Convicted of Kidnapping, Rape, Burglary, and Assault


April 29, 2024

OAKLAND, CA — Today, Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price announced a jury rendered guilty verdicts against Keith Kenard Asberry Jr. for a 2008 kidnapping and sexual assault and a 2015 first-degree burglary and assault. Both crimes happened in the City of Berkeley.

In the 2008 incident, Mr. Asberry approached a teenager on Allston Way, near Berkeley High School, as she was getting into her car. The evidence showed that Mr. Asberry used a gun to force the victim to drive to a dead-end street in West Berkeley, where the sexual assault occurred. The evidence also shows that Mr. Asberry forced the victim to use her ATM card to withdraw $200 from her bank account.

In the 2015 incident, Mr. Asberry walked into the home of the victim, who had just finished unloading her car from a shopping trip. A short, violent struggle ensued as the victim fought off the attack, prompting Mr. Asberry to run out the front door.

The jury found Mr. Asberry guilty of kidnapping to commit sex crime with true findings of an allegation of use of a firearm, kidnapping to commit robbery with true findings of an allegation of use of a firearm, forcible penetration with findings of allegations of use of a firearm, aggravated kidnapping, and tying and binding, forcible oral copulation with true findings of allegations of use of a firearm, aggravated kidnapping, and tying and binding, forcible rape with true findings of allegations of use of a firearm and aggravated kidnapping. All felonies.

Mr. Asberry was also found guilty of first-degree burglary with a true allegation of a person being present and misdemeanor assault.

“I want to thank the jury for their hard work in delivering this guilty verdict,” said DA Pamela Price. Today’s verdict finally brings closure to the victims who waited years for justice to be served in this case. I congratulate Deputy District Attorney Cathryn Dalton, Inspector Jason Turner and Retired Deputy DA Mark Melton for their professionalism and hard work in presenting a successful prosecution, case, and evidence against this dangerous defendant.

I also applaud our Victim-Witness Advocates, Aurelia Morena and Claudia Romero, who provided services and support to the victims. It is important to note, justice was delayed in the 2008 case because the rape kit was not tested until 2014, six years after the crime. This resulted in Mr. Asberry

being allowed to roam free, searching for more victims, which resulted in the attack in 2015. It is clear that if the rape kit was tested immediately, Mr. Asberry would have been identified as the alleged attacker in that case because of a felony gun conviction from 2005.”

Mr. Asberry faces life in prison. He will be sentenced on Friday, May 24, at 9:00 A.M. at the René Davidson Courthouse, Department 8.




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