Fourth Defendant Charged with Murder in the Oakland Police Officer Tuan Le Case

February 29, 2024

Oakland, CA—Prosecutors with the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office have now charged 28-year-old Sebron Russell for the December 29, 2023, shooting death of Oakland Police Officer Tuan Le. Initially, Sebron Russell was charged with three counts of burglary.

The amended complaint alleges a charge against Russell for the murder of Officer Le, along with defendants Sanders, Brown, and Cooper. The amended complaint also charges Russell with a count of attempted murder on Oakland Police Office Donald McKinney, who was Officer Le’s partner on the night of the shooting. Furthermore, the amended complaint alleges a third count of Kidnapping to Commit Robbery of victim Darien Provenza, stemming from Russell’s involvement in a robbery incident on July 25, 2019.

“We will not stop our pursuit of justice for Officer Le and his family until everyone who participated in his murder is held accountable,” said DA Pamela Price. “We will follow the evidence wherever it leads, amend any charges against these four defendants as needed, and bring charges against anyone else allegedly involved in the killing of this Oakland Police Officer.”

Sebron Russell and his three codefendants are scheduled to return to court for a preliminary hearing on March 4, 2024.