People v R Zacharia Grubbs

On September 1, 2021 a jury found defendant R Zacharia Grubbs guilty of first-degree murder for the death of Andre Margain. He was also convicted of shooting at an inhabited dwelling and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

On June 7th 2018, the defendant, while driving a minivan, encountered the victim, who was riding a motorcycle, at the intersection of Fairmont Dr. and E. 14th Street in San Leandro. As the light turned green, the defendant tried to sideswipe the motorcycle but the victim was able to swiftly react and avoid the collision. The victim sped away but the defendant gave chase. The defendant followed the victim for over half a mile until they reached residential streets. There, the defendant pulled out a 9mm gun and shot the victim, hitting him once and killing him almost instantly.

It is believed that the shooting was in retaliation for the victim robbing the defendant at gunpoint a week prior.

The case was prosecuted by DDA Luis Marin with assistance from Inspector Randy Brandwood and Victim-Witness Advocate Jenifer Mello.

The defendant is expected to be sentenced on October 28, 2021.

Posted on Sep 2, 2021