Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley announces the creation of the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DDEI). She has appointed Assistant District Attorney II Terry Wiley to the head the groundbreaking new division.

Under the leadership of DA O’Malley, the District Attorney’s Office convened the Fair and Equitable Policing and Prosecution Working Group in 2016. ADA Wiley has been a part of the Working Group from its inception, focusing on issues such as implicit bias, updating guidelines and protocols, and creating policies that ensure fairness and equity in prosecution, in working with victims of crime and within the Office.

These efforts have led to the creation of several programs and collaborative courts that offer alternatives to incarceration, providing individuals charged with crimes the opportunities to gain insight, to build skills, to complete their education and to move beyond the criminal justice system. We have also created a misdemeanor pre-charging program for people to participate in to avoid charges. As the State reports, Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has more collaborative courts per capita than any other county.

“Key to addressing inequities inherent to the criminal justice system, the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will expand on the efforts of the Working Group, delving deeper into issues of equity based on gender, ethnicity, culture, race, opinions, perspectives and backgrounds,” states DA O’Malley. “I am proud of the diversity within the workforce of my office, as it reflects the residents of Alameda County. We are also the 4th most diverse county in the country. The new division will build on the great work and tradition of the Office, tapping into our creativity and commitment towards fair and equitable prosecution and administration of justice. Terry Wiley is the best choice to lead this new Division.”

Assistant DA II Terry Wiley has served in most assignments in the criminal side of the Office and has prosecuted very difficult and challenging felony cases, including the case against three Oakland police officers who called themselves “the Riders.” Mr. Wiley and the Office stood steadfast in seeking justice for the individuals who fell prey to four rogue police officers.

“I value community engagement, and always strive to improve the systems in which we work,” states ADA Wiley. “I never lose sight of the those we serve, including victims of crime and the defendants we hold accountable.

ADA Wiley has demonstrated his dedication to the advancement of African American Attorneys, and African American Prosecutors throughout our country. ADA Wiley has served on the national Board of the National Black Prosecutors Association (NBPA) and serves on the Board of the National Bar Association (NBA). He has served on the Board of the California District Attorneys Association (CDAA) and worked with the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA). He speaks at many community events.

Posted on Oct 13, 2020