District Attorney Diversity Recruitment

Sacramento, CA – The California District Attorneys Association Foundation has launched a new campaign aimed at encouraging young people from all backgrounds to consider becoming prosecutors and fostering greater diversity in district attorney’s offices throughout the state.

A new website, https://www.californiaprosecutors.org/, provides tools and resources for those considering a legal career or who currently are attending law school. It includes information on law schools, minority prosecutor associations, internships and jobs. The website features written and video testimonials from California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and deputy district attorneys from throughout the Golden State about why they chose their careers.

“California prosecutors, as part of the fabric of the community they serve, are diverse, committed professionals. The Alameda County DA’s Office strives to reflect our diverse communities and places a high importance on fostering young peoples’ interest in the justice system through a variety of youth enrichment programs such as the Justice Academy and various internship opportunities. I wholeheartedly support CDAA’s Campaign to promote and increase diversity in prosecutors’ offices,” say DA Nancy O’Malley.

“Public service is enriching and rewarding,” said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. “Prosecutors play an essential role in our democracy by holding criminals accountable and providing justice and support to victims.”

The project was the idea of Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey who recognized the need for prosecutorial offices to reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. District attorney’s offices statewide are involved in the effort.

“As a prosecutor, you fight for equal and fair justice for all and you are the voice for the most vulnerable victims,” said San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan who has championed the right of human trafficking victims to receive justice.

“Prosecutors have the unique ability in the criminal justice system to seek truth, justice and accountability through traditional courts or alternative diversion programs that they design to meet the needs of diverse communities, victims and offenders” said Yolo District Attorney Jeff Reisig. He established a restorative justice program called Neighborhood Court which keeps many lower level cases out of the criminal justice system.

Posted on May 2, 2019