People v. Alphonzo McInnis

On July 23, 2019 a jury convicted Alphonzo McInnis of kidnapping for the purposes of sexual assault, 3 counts of forcible rape of a minor, as well as enhancements for aggravated kidnapping of a minor during the course of a sexual assault. The jury hung 11-1 for guilt on the charge that he kidnapped a second victim for the purposes of sexual assault.

On the morning of April 19, 2018 Jane Doe 1, a fifteen year old Berkeley High School freshman, was walking to school when the defendant grabbed her from behind, covered her eyes, and told her not to look at his face or scream because he had a gun and would shoot her. The defendant forced her into a secluded side yard of a home where Jane Doe 1 saw what appeared to be a gun in the defendant’s hand. The defendant then sexually assaulted her in multiple ways causing significant injuries. Jane Doe 1 was able to convince the defendant to let her go and once she made it to school she reported the assault to her teacher immediately. Berkeley Police investigators responded and took the victim to Highland Hospital for a forensic sexual assault examination.

On the morning of April 28, 2019 Jane Doe 2, a 19 year old UC Berkeley freshman, was walking back to her dormitory room when the defendant tried to grab her from behind. Jane Doe 2 tried to run but the defendant chased her and caught her, putting his arm around her neck and pressing what he said was a gun to her body. He forced her about 15 feet down a secluded walkway where she was able to struggle free and run to her dormitory building.

Berkeley Police were able to expedite the analysis of Jane Doe 1’s sexual assault kit and it was matched to the defendant within days of the assault on Jane Doe 2. Jane Doe 2 identified the defendant as the man who attacked her and the defendant was arrested. Berkeley police were able to locate the defendant’s apartment in Oakland where they found a realistic looking replica firearm and clothes that matched the description of both victims as well as surveillance footage showing portions of the attack on Jane Doe 2.

he case was prosecuted by DDA Nick Homer with the assistance of Inspectors Veronica Ibarra and Shan Johnson, victim advocate Stephanie Lynch, and Berkeley Police Detectives Darren Kacalek and Eddie Diaz.

Posted on Jul 25, 2019