People v. Wilson, Samad, McFadden, Terrell

On February 6, 2019, a jury convicted defendants Anthony Wilson, Aoderi Samad, Derrick McFadden, and Tyrone Terrell for the killing of Anthony Stevens. Wilson and Terrell were convicted of second-degree murder, Samad was convicted of first-degree murder, and McFadden was convicted of voluntary manslaughter.

On July 9, 2016, at approximately 10:30 am, the defendants, all armed with firearms, surrounded Anthony Stevens as he sat reclined in the passenger seat of his car waiting to get a haircut. His car was parked on 92nd Avenue near International Boulevard, around the corner from a street-side memorial for a young man named TJ who had been murdered the night before. TJ was the brother of defendant Anthony Wilson, and was a friend of the rest of the defendants. After going to the memorial for approximately 10 minutes, the defendants walked back toward their cars parked on 92nd Avenue. Defendant Wilson approached Stevens’ car on the driver’s side, and defendant Terrell approached on the passenger’s side. Defendants Samad and McFadden hung back near the corner. Terrell opened the passenger door of Stevens’ car, at which time Stevens got out of the car with a gun in his hand. Defendant Wilson immediately began firing his gun over the roof of the car, and Terrell shot at Stevens as Stevens attempted to run away. Unfortunately, Stevens ran back in the direction of Samad and McFadden, who also began shooting at Stevens. McFadden was shot by friendly fire, probably from Terrell. When Stevens fell to the ground and attempted to crawl behind a car for cover, Samad took aim and fired two additional shots, killing him. The jury rejected defendants’ claims of self-defense at trial. This case was prosecuted by DDA Stacie Pettigrew with the assistance of Inspector Carl Bonner and Victim Witness Advocate Liliana Bueno.

The defendants were sentenced on April 19, 2019.

Posted on Feb 15, 2019