People v James Amos

January 24, 2019 a jury deliberated for two and a half hours before finding James Amos guilty of first degree murder in the brazen shooting death of Jeffrey Duckett at the Jack in the Box on 24th and International in Oakland, CA. The murder occurred on October 3, 2017 when the victim, Mr. Duckett went to meet his cousin, the defendant, at the church where the defendant volunteered. Mr. Duckett went to the Jack in the Box to get food while he waited for his cousin.

Restaurant surveillance cameras show the defendant pulling into the parking lot and driving by the front door before making a U-turn and parking with his driver’s side window to the front door. Internal cameras catch Mr. Duckett waiving and smiling at his cousin as the victim walked towards the front door. As Mr. Duckett opened the door, Mr. Amos began shooting before the victim could turn and turn away. After shooting Mr. Duckett six times the defendant walked across the street and put the gun into a room in the church that is often used for tutoring and food giveaways. The defendant then drove away in the van he used for driving the disabled pastor to and from church.

Several months later police arrested the defendant in Detroit, Michigan.

The case was prosecuted by DDA Danielle Hilton and justice was served thanks to the brave witnesses and the hard work of the Oakland Police Department and District Attorney Inspector Thomas Cleary.

Posted on Feb 4, 2019