DA O’Malley Announces DDA Glenn Kim Commissioned by Korean Prosecutors to Write Legal Paper

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley is pleased to announce Deputy District Attorney Glenn Kim has been hand-picked by the Republic of Korea Supreme Prosecutors Office in conjunction with the Korean Prosecutors Association Justice Foundation to present at a conference in Korea and write a detailed legal paper.

DDA Kim is one of seven impressive legal minds from around the nation who have been chosen to research, write, and present a paper that focuses on the way prosecutors’ offices in the United States cooperate with various law enforcement offices in the country. The goal of this project is to share the differing roles of prosecutors and law enforcement officers in the United States, and how these two arms of the US criminal justice system cooperate and collaborate to ensure justice is served.

“We are proud that one of our own has been selected to work with the Republic of Korea to impart knowledge and best-practices within the criminal justice system. Mr Kim’s selection reflects the excellent reputation our office has in the legal profession both nationally and abroad,” said District Attorney Nancy O’Malley.

“The Alameda County DA’s Office fosters a spirit of public service and I am proud to continue that tradition. Serving on this writing committee is a tremendous professional and personal opportunity. I wish to thank the Korean Prosecutors Association and the Supreme Prosecutors Office for this great honor,” said Deputy District Attorney Glenn Kim.

This opportunity is sponsored by Republic of Korea Supreme Prosecutors Office (SPO) in conjunction with the Korean Prosecutors Association (KPA) Justice Foundation. SPO is the office of the Prosecutor General, the chief prosecutor who oversees and directs the investigations and operations of all prosecuting offices in the Republic of Korea. KPA is a global non-profit organization of public prosecutors committed to collaboration, information sharing, mentoring, and providing information to the community on matters concerning public safety. The KPA Foundation is a think tank for its members to learn and explore issues relating to justice and the legal system.

In May 2017, DDA Kim and the team will fly out to present at the Republic of Korea Supreme Prosecutors Office Report Conference in Seoul. The completed project will be published in November 2017 in both Korean and English.


Posted on Mar 30, 2017