People v Fesuiai Soli Fuimaono

On November 3, 2016, a jury found defendant Fesuiai Soli Fuimaono guilty of seven felony counts of molesting a child and sexual assault.

'Janet Doe' was raised by her aunt and older cousin. When she was nine years old, her biological mother married Defendant Fuimaono in Samoa. Janet’s biological mother returned to the US and requested that her only child, Janet Doe, live with them.

Within months of Janet Doe moving in, Defendant Fuimaono started molesting while bathing and showering her at ages 9 and 10. Defendant Fuimaono ordered Janet Doe to tell anyone who asked her, that he was just “tickling” her. Janet Doe disclosed the molestations to her cousins and aunts and she was removed from the home.

When a sophomore in high school, Janet Doe’s biological mother had knee surgery and the elders in the family agreed Janet should move back in. Defendant Fuimaono immediately and continually molested Janet Doe for the next three years, threatening to do the same to her younger cousin in order to get her to comply with his orders. Defendant Fuimaono had also threatened Janet Doe’s biological mother with a knife and a gun, and promised to make Janet Doe his wife if anything ‘happened’ to his current wife.

In July 2012, Janet Doe’s biological father died and she wanted to attend his funeral in Southern California. The only way she could get there was to obtain a ride with Defendant Fuimaono. Janet wanted to stay with her biological father’s family, but Defendant Fuimaono wouldn’t allow her to. Defendant Fuimaono made her go to a hotel with him and have sex with him before she was allowed to go to her biological father’s funeral. Defendant Fuimaono took her to the funeral, but refused to take her to the cemetery for his interment.

About a month later, Janet Doe bravely came forward and disclosed everything that had been happening whilst she was living with her biological mother and Defendant Fuimaono. The case was investigated by San Leandro PD, and they interviewed Defendant Fuimaono out of custody during the course of their investigation. Defendant Fuimaono then fled back to Samoa where he was extradited as a fugitive from justice by the Alameda County District Attorney’s office in April 2015.

Defendant Fuimaono is scheduled to sentenced on December 6, 2016.

The case was prosecuted by Senior DDA Angela Backers with assistance from DA Inspector Gus Galindo and Victim-Witness Advocate Nadia Bueno.

(Docket #H57713)

Posted on Nov 17, 2016