DA’s Office Warns Residents about Telephone Scams

It has come to the attention of the District Attorney’s Office that Alameda County residents are currently receiving telephone calls from individuals claiming to represent the IRS as well as other official government agencies and the superior court.

These fraudulent callers request payments for certain services or to repay a past balance due. The callers request payment by way of a gift card, credit card or money order.

Please be aware that these calls are scams!

No government agency makes direct calls requesting or demanding payment by way of money order, gift cards or credit cards.

Do not share your personal information such as a social security number, home address or date of birth with the caller. Do not send the requested money or payment.

If you believe you have been a victim of this type of telephone scam, you may call the Alameda County District Attorney’s Consumer Protection line at (877) 288-2882.

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Posted on Mar 21, 2016