Celebrating the 2016 Graduates of Truancy Court

Recently, the Honorable Judge Gloria Rhynes presided over a court experience of a different type: a graduation ceremony for Truancy Court.

Thirty-one families, with children ranging in age from elementary school through secondary, started their journey in Truancy Court after being referred to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office for being chronically absent from school.

The parents of these children appeared throughout the year in a collaborative court setting aimed at addressing the underlying issues that prevented regular school attendance. Working alongside the court, community-based organizations, Alameda County Health, and Asthma Start, the DA’s office’s Truancy program was able to affect positive change in their lives.

To celebrate this achievement, the graduating families gathered in Department 3 to share their success with the court. After hearing about the tremendous progress of the students and the commitment of the whole family to ensure they attend school, Assistant District Attorney Teresa Drenick brought a motion to have their cases dismissed. These motions were granted by Judge Rhynes.

The children were provided with backpacks filled with school supplies to prepare for the new school year, kindly donated by Philanthropic Ventures Foundation.

“It’s vital that children are in school everyday if they are going to thrive and graduate ready for career and college," said the Head of the Truancy Unit, ADA Drenick.

"We are so proud that each and every one of the parents here today were able to overcome their obstacles so their children could return to school and are not at a disadvantage."

To learn more about the DA Truancy program, please visit our At School website.

Posted on Jul 14, 2016