People v Samuel Asa Wynn and Lewis Asa Wynn

On January 21, 2016, a jury found Defendant Samuel Asa Wynn and Defendant Lewis Asa Wynn guilty of kidnapping and human trafficking.

On July 10, 2015, Jane Doe was in the area of 18th and International Boulevard in Oakland when Defendants Samuel Wynn and Lewis Wynn approached her. The two defendants asked her "Where's your pimp at?", and told her they needed "new girls" to work for them. Jane Doe refused both men, and they left.

A few minutes later, Defendants Samuel Wynn and Lewis Wynn pulled up to Ms Doe in their vehicle, and Defendant Samuel Wynn grabbed Ms Doe. He told her "You're going to get your ass in this car" and then physically forced her into the back seat of the car. Ms Doe was screaming loudly for help and physically resisted, however, she was physically overpowered by Defendant Samuel Wynn. A neighbor heard Ms Doe screaming and called 911 to report the kidnapping.

Inside the car, the two defendants told Ms Doe they were going to sexually assault her and then force her to engage in acts of prostitution with "white men at the Comfort Inn." Luckily for Ms Doe, Oakland Police officers spotted the car matching the witness' description within 15 minutes, before Ms Doe was forced into any sexual acts. The officers safely stopped the vehicle and apprehended both Defendants Samuel Wynn and Lewis Wynn.

On August 11, 2016, Defendant Samuel Wynn was sentenced to a determinate period of 21 years in prison followed by an indeterminate term of 67 years to life, and Defendant Lewis Wynn received 21 years in prison for these crimes.

The case was prosecuted by DDA Allyson Donovan, with assistance from DA Inspectors Gino Guerrero and Tim Bergquist, and help from Victim-Witness Advocates Dena Aindow and Lily Bueno.

(Docket #176934)

Posted on Jan 22, 2016