PSA: How the DA’s Office Helps Victims of Crime

As part of Crime Victims' Awareness Week, the Alameda County DA's Office produced a public service announcement (PSA) demonstrating some of the ways in which the dedicated staff in our Victim-Witness Assistance Division can help if you have been a victim of crime.

Our Victim-Witness Consultants act as the link between a victim and the DA's Office, and are trained to provide victims with support and resources to help them throughout and beyond the criminal justice process.

Our experienced Consultants help victims with everything from applying for emergency expenses from the California Victim Compensation Program to counseling. They are trained to be the victim's guide as their case winds through the criminal justice system, refer them to the available services, help the victims of crime write their Victim Impact Statements, as well as to accompany victims, witnesses and family members to court proceedings.

For further information about how the DA's Office Victim-Witness Assistance Division can help you, please call (510) 272-6180 or or visit the Victim-Witness Assistance Division page.

Posted on May 11, 2015