People v Alpesh Babubhai Patel

On February 18, 2015, a jury convicted Alpesh Babubhai Patel of three counts of battery.

On March 2nd, 2014, defendant Patel came to the home of the Amin family, looking for his ex-wife and children. When Mrs Amin opened the door, Patel immediately stepped inside the home and made a derogatory comment to Mr Amin. Patel was asked to leave and pushed Mrs Amin to the ground. As Mr Amin tried to remove Patel from their home, Mr Amin’s father was pushed to the ground by Patel.

Once outside the house, defendant Patel punched Mr Amin over ten times in the face, causing bruising to his face and blood in his eye. Mrs Amin tried to stop defendant Patel from hitting her husband by hitting him with a tennis shoe, and he retaliated by punching her in the face. Defendant Patel was eventually pulled away by a third party and fled the scene.

The case was prosecuted by DDA Ashley Dodson.

Posted on Feb 20, 2015