Def. Guilty Verdict in Murder of 3 Yr. Old

Oakland, Ca. -- Alameda County DA Nancy E. O’Malley announced today that a jury has found defendants Willie Torrence and Lawrence Denard guilty of first degree murder for the killing of three-year-old Carlos Nava. The defendants were also found guilty of two counts of attempted murder, along with additional felonies. The jury also found that the crimes were committed in furtherance of a criminal street gang.

On August 8, 2011, the defendants murdered three-year-old Carlos Nava during a brazen drive-by shooting at approximately 1:00 in the afternoon on the 65th block of International Blvd. in Oakland. The little boy was struck with a bullet while his mother pushed him down the sidewalk on his scooter. The defendants opened fire, striking, but not killing two other men. The jury convicted the defendants of premeditated attempted murder of those two victims.

“Every loss of life due to street violence is magnified when the victim is a child. The defendants’ callous disregard for the safety of a neighborhood took the innocent life of three year old Carlos. I hope this verdict brings healing to Carlos’ family and a sense of justice to the community,” states DA O’Malley. “My message is loud and clear: anyone who shoots and kills our children will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We will not tolerate this level of violence of the streets of Oakland or any other city in this county.”

“I’m deeply grateful that justice was realized through the jury’s verdicts in this case,” stated Deputy District Attorney Ben Beltramo, the prosecutor. “As always, our thoughts go out to the Nava family and to the other victims.”

On July 23, Willie Antawn Torrence was sentenced to 121 years to life and Lawrence Denard was sentenced to 137 years to life.

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Posted on Jun 23, 2014