4 Plead Guilty to String of West Oakland Robberies

On January 16, 2013, Tajari Wooten, Jamari Wooten, Kameron Cann, and Kent Scott plead guilty to a combined 25 counts of robbery, along with several weapons enhancements. From December 18, 2010 to February 25, 2011 the defendants committed ten different take-over robberies primarily in West Oakland.

Many of the businesses were just blocks away from the Wooten brothers’ home. Sometimes Tajari Wooten acted alone and often times he acted with his accomplices: his brother Jamari Wooten, Kameron Cann who was his sister’s boyfriend, and his good friend Kent Scott.

The defendants walked into unsuspecting businesses pretending to be customers. Then they pulled out guns and forced small business owners and hard-working employees to the ground. The defendants robbed their victims of their personal possessions—wallets, cell phones, jewelry - and robbed them of their sense of safety. The defendants made demands for more money and made threats when they did not receive it. They ransacked businesses looking for safes or other stored cash. Then, they forced many of their victims to move to more secluded areas where they wouldn’t be seen. Once their victims were isolated, the defendants continued their threats and demands for money until they eventually made their escape.

In one particularly egregious incident Jamari Wooten accosted a car parts delivery driver at knifepoint. He used to duct tape to tie the victim’s hands and feet together before robbing him of his wallet and phone.

A search of the Wooten brothers’ bedrooms revealed several firearms and numerous amounts of stolen property including 16 Wallets, 8 Laptop Computers, 18 Cell Phones, 11 Digital Cameras, 5 Video Cameras as well as passports and hunting knives which were stolen during a residential burglary.

There were a total of 28 victims. Tajari Wooten will serve 39 years in prison. Jamari Wooten will serve 19 years in prison. Kent Scott will serve 17 years in prison. Kameron Cann will serve 5 years in prison. The defendants will be formally sentenced by Judge Jacobson in Department 5 on August 30, 2013. The prosecutor who handled the case was DDA Carrie Skolnick.

Posted on Jan 16, 2013