Guilty Verdicts in People v. Rosa Hill and Mei Lei

OAKLAND -- Today, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley announced a jury found Rosa Hill, 36, and her mother Mei Li, 57, guilty of the first degree murder of Selma Hill and the premeditated attempted murder of Eric Hill. Mei Li was also convicted of first degree burglary.

The murder victim, 91-year-old Selma Hill, lived with her grandson, Eric Hill, 37, and his two year old daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s mother is defendant Rosa Hill. Following the dissolution of Eric Hill and defendant Rosa Hill’s relationship in 2008, a court granted Eric Hill full custody of Elizabeth. The defendant Rosa Hill was unhappy with this arrangement and plotted with defendant Mei Li to physically take Elizabeth back from Eric Hill.

On January 7, 2009, when Eric Hill entered his home, Rosa Hill and Mei Li ambushed him with a taser and baton and threatened him with a loaded gun. Dublin Police responded to the disturbance and searched for the missing Selma Hill. Police found Selma Hill's body in a back shed, stuffed into a garbage can. She had been tased, beaten, and strangled. The defendants will be sentenced on August 29, 2011. The prosecutor was DDA Casey Bates.

DA O'Malley states, "The defendants in this case viciously murdered a 91-year old woman and attempted to murder the innocent father of a two year old child. We are extremely pleased with the jury's verdicts and we hope that the loved-ones of the victim can begin to heal from this tragic and senseless loss."


Posted on Jun 28, 2011