Charges Filed Against Lawrence Denard for Murder of Three Year Old Oakland Boy

OAKLAND -- Alameda County DA Nancy E. O’Malley announced today that murder charges have been filed against Lawrence Denard, 26, for the August 8, 2011 murder of a three-year-old Oakland child. Additionally, the defendant is charged with two counts of attempted murder, and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon.

The child who was killed was the victim of a drive-by shooting just after 1pm in the afternoon on the 65th block of International Blvd. in Oakland.

DA O’Malley states, “The brazen and senseless violence that took the life of an innocent three year old child has devastated a family and stunned our community. The defendant, with callous disregard for the safety of a neighborhood, wantonly shot and killed this toddler in front of his family as they walked home on a bustling Oakland sidewalk.

"My Office will prosecute this, as well as all cases of extreme violence in our community, to the fullest extent of the law and with all available resources,” said DA Nancy O'Malley.

Chief Batts states, “Oakland Police Officers and Investigators have worked tirelessly to bring the suspect into custody and to begin to bring some sense of justice to the family. We should not lose sight of the fact that a three year-old child has lost his life.”

The defendant will be arraigned this afternoon at the Wiley Manuel Courthouse in Department 112.


Posted on Aug 11, 2011