July 2010

District Attorney Nancy E. O'Malley Issues Statement on Mehserle Verdict Jul 9, 2010

District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley announces that the Los Angeles jury in the case of People v. Johannes Mehserle returned a guilty verdict of involuntary manslaughter against the defendant.

The jury also found true the allegation that the defendant used a gun and rejected the defense that the defendant believed he was using his taser. The verdict reflects that the killing was unlawful and done with criminal negligence and recklessness.

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Deputy DA Publishes Law Review Article Jul 1, 2010

Deputy DA David G. Lim has authored a law review article published in the May/June, 2010 issue of Clearing House Review; Journal of Poverty Law and Policy.

Mr. Lim's article, "Local Prosecutions of Real-Estate Fraud as a Means to Achieving Social and Economic Justice for Low-Income Victims and Communities: A Case Study", offers valuable information and insights into the legal and social issues surrounding the current real estate fraud crisis in low-income neighborhoods.