We are pleased that the Alameda County Probation Department was satisfied with the punishment that we agreed to for Mr. Delonzo Logwood after considering all of the background information about Mr. Logwood. When we reviewed the case, we felt that the trauma inflicted on the survivors, the defendant and his family, the court system and my staff by my predecessor’s failure to promptly resolve the case was unacceptable.  We are very disappointed that Judge McCannon did not accept the plea bargain previously agreed upon by my office and defense counsel, and accepted by the Probation Department. Now, the case will head to trial, and justice will continue to be delayed as it makes its way through the court system.

As I stated previously, even though these crimes occurred almost 15 years ago, our mission in the here and now is to stop the violence in our community. The level of violent assaults that took the lives of young Black men in the summer of 2008 and continuing until today is not acceptable. We appreciate Mr. Logwood’s commitment to the efforts to stop the violence and everyone’s cooperation in the quest to protect public safety. The important work to intervene and make peace will continue to the benefit our entire community. We will continue to support those efforts and do our part to stop the violence.