“It is important that the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has a positive working collaboration with municipalities in Alameda County. The Alameda City Attorney’s Office handles misdemeanor criminal matters, enforcing fair housing and consumer protection laws within the City of Alameda. These crimes likely occur in their neighborhoods and the people of the City of Alameda through Measure AA have determined that these matters should be handled by their own municipality.

As their office stated, they are dedicated to promoting and improving public safety through fair, compassionate and effective administration of justice. Having met with City Attorney Yibin Shen and discussed our shared vision – I can say our office supports the City of Alameda’s work in pursing justice through restorative practices.

It is my understanding through my own internal review that previous administrations in my office were not as collaborative as we need to be with our justice partners in Alameda. As part of our support of Alameda’s prosecutorial services, our office will make available to City of Alameda attorneys all of the tools and resources that the prosecutors in our office currently receive, such as trainings and/or literature and access to data and scheduling.”

A link to the city of Alameda‘s press release can be found here.