DA Pamela Price Announces the Reorganization of the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office by Launching the Gender Justice Division and the Advancing Justice Division

June 21, 2024

Oakland, CA — Today is a signature day in the history of the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. DA Pamela Price is elevating the effort to keep all members of the public safe by announcing that her administration is launching the Gender Justice Division and the Advancing Justice Division.

“Shortly after I took office in January 2023, we began researching innovations in other jurisdictions to attack gender-motivated crimes and the impacts on our community,” said DA Price. “Gender is often a feature of power dynamics, including the abuse of power, which can lead to assaultive behavior, sexual exploitation and violent confrontations in our communities.”

In June 2023, DA Price gained valuable insights during the planning phase for the Gender Justice Division after meeting with the Brooklyn District Attorney, Eric Gonzalez, and his Chief Deputy Michelle Kaminsky, who oversees their Gender-Based Justice Division.

In November 2023, DA Price launched the Anti-Slavery Prosecution Unit (ASPU), a huge step toward tackling crimes involving human exploitation. In December 2023, the Alameda County District Attorney’s office began the process of consolidating human exploitation crimes under the jurisdiction of the ASPU.

“Today, I am excited to share the features of our new organizational structure. Senior Deputy District Attorney Justin Kollar, the former District Attorney of Kauai and a career prosecutor for sixteen (16) years, will head up the DA’s Gender Justice Division. The new division will include the new Anti-Slavery Prosecution Unit, the Sexual Assault Unit, the Family Justice Center, the Victim Witness Division, and the Domestic Violence Prosecution Units, which handles misdemeanor and felony cases,” said DA Price.

Tiffaney Gipson, a Senior Assistant District Attorney and seasoned prosecutor for twenty-eight (28) years, including nine (9) years in the DA’s office, will head up the Advancing Justice Division, which will include the Juvenile Justice Division, Collaborative Courts, the Civil Rights Bureau, and the Consumer Justice Bureau.

DA Pamela Price says that she is excited to lead the Alameda County District Attorney’s office forward with a focus on the future, bringing the newest features of effective and fair prosecution strategies to bear on our County’s most persistent and devastating problems. “I appreciate the leadership of both District Attorneys Gipson and Kollar as they have stepped up to help us implement a new vision of justice for our office and our County, as well as the Bureau and Unit leaders who will help them lift up our office and serve the people who live, work and play in Alameda County.” ###

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