Youth Employment Programs

Our Office is committed to enriching the lives of our local young people through educational experience and employment opportunities. We aim to provide the next generation with real life experiences in the working world as well as encourage them to make a positive impact in their own communities.

The DA's Office offers numerous programs to inspire local students to pursue a career in the field of criminal justice and public service. These include our summer programs, Pathway and Pipeline to Justice programs and the DA's Justice Academy. and the Mary C. Warren Fellowship.

The internships offered by our office are paid placements for students in high school or college. All successful applicants will be required to submit to a background check and fingerprinting, as is required for all DA's Office personnel.

The DA's Office also offers year-long fellowship positions for recent college graduates: The Mary C. Warren Fellowship and the Earl Warren Fellowship.

2019 Summer Internship Opportunities

The Pipeline & Pathways to the Justice System Internships

Application deadline is Friday April 19, 2019

During the summer months, we run numerous programs for students to participate in a paid internship experience. Our two main programs are Pathways to the Justice System (open to high school students) and Pipeline to the Justice System (for college undergraduates).

These programs were established for local students who wish to pursue careers in the fields of law and justice. Those accepted into the programs are provided with the opportunity to learn about the DA’s Office through engaging, hands-on projects in conjunction with administrative duties to provide them with an understanding of the full scope of work conducted at the DA's Office.

Through the Pathways and Pipeline programs, our interns develop leadership skills, public speaking and presentation skills, and other professional skills to help prepare them for college and their careers. Students are matched with work assignments at the various office branches based on their career interests.

If you are interested in the Pathways or Pipeline Summer Internship, please complete the application (MS Word) and return to:

Towanda Lee
1225 Fallon St. Room #900
Oakland, CA 94612

Post College Year-Long Fellowships

The Mary C. Warren Fellowship

The Mary C. Warren Fellowship is a one-year fellowship offered to women interested in leadership development and the law. The program is open to recent college graduates.

Please visit the Mary C. Warren Fellowship page for more information and application.

The Earl Warren Fellowship

The Earl Warren Fellowship is open to recent college graduates who are planning on attending law school.

For more information, please see our Earl Warren Fellowship page.

The DA's Justice Academy

Please see our

Justice Academy page

for further information.

Thank you to all who submitted applications. We are currently reviewing applications and will be in touch with you shortly.