Senior Deputy DA Elgin Lowe promoted to branch head of East County Hall of Justice

Senior Deputy DA Elgin Lowe promoted to branch head of East County Hall of Justice

DUBLIN, CA — Longtime prosecutor Senior Deputy District Attorney Elgin Lowe, has been promoted to branch head of the East County Hall of Justice in Dublin. He is the first African American in the history of the office to hold this position.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Elgin Lowe promoted to head of the East County Hall of Justice branch in Dublin.

Mr. Lowe has been with the office for 26 years, and has tried numerous felony cases including approximately 25 murder cases. He has served as both the trial team leader for Hayward misdemeanor trials, and the head of Hayward preliminary hearing team. In addition, he spent eight years on the Gang Team in charge of prosecuting South County gang cases before moving to his most current position as a charging DA at the East County Hall of Justice.

Outside of his career, Mr. Lowe has numerous accolades that show his commitment to contributing to the community. In 2015, he was nominated for the California District Attorney’s Association (CDAA) Prosecutor of the Year award, and received the 2015-2016 Association of Government Attorneys in Capital Litigation National Award for Outstanding Advocacy in Complex Homicide Cases.  In 2018, he received the Asian American Prosecutor’s Association Prosecutor of the Year Award.

Recently, Mr. Lowe was voted as the first Vice President of the Hayward-South Alameda County NAACP. He also serves on the Board of Directors at La Familia and on the Advisory Board for the Eden Area ROP Careers in Public Safety Board.

The East County Hall of Justice (ECHOJ) is a major location for our office staffed by more than 60 employees.

DA Price statement regarding city of Alameda’s Prosecution and Public Rights Unit

“It is important that the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has a positive working collaboration with municipalities in Alameda County. The Alameda City Attorney’s Office handles misdemeanor criminal matters, enforcing fair housing and consumer protection laws within the City of Alameda. These crimes likely occur in their neighborhoods and the people of the City of Alameda through Measure AA have determined that these matters should be handled by their own municipality.

As their office stated, they are dedicated to promoting and improving public safety through fair, compassionate and effective administration of justice. Having met with City Attorney Yibin Shen and discussed our shared vision – I can say our office supports the City of Alameda’s work in pursing justice through restorative practices.

It is my understanding through my own internal review that previous administrations in my office were not as collaborative as we need to be with our justice partners in Alameda. As part of our support of Alameda’s prosecutorial services, our office will make available to City of Alameda attorneys all of the tools and resources that the prosecutors in our office currently receive, such as trainings and/or literature and access to data and scheduling.”

A link to the city of Alameda‘s press release can be found here.

DA Price’s Statement on Logwood Case

The Logwood case is a difficult case by any measure.

Given the state of the evidence and the age of the cases, our office concluded it was in the interests of justice to resolve the prosecution of Mr. Logwood with a plea to multiple crimes in connection with the murder of Eric Ford.

Mr. Logwood has been incarcerated for 14 years since 2009 and will serve additional years under the plea deal.

Contrary to the critical comments from the bench, Mr. Logwood has expressed extreme remorse for his behavior as a teenager, and readily agreed to publicly apologize to the families impacted by his demeanor and to the residents of Alameda County.

Even though these crimes occurred almost 15 years ago, our mission in the here and now is to stop violence in our community. The level of violent assaults that injured and took the lives of so many young Black men in the summer of 2008 was not acceptable then, and it is not acceptable today. The killing must stop.

Our office continues to support the families and loved ones impacted in this case and has apologized to everyone for the long delays to bringing this matter to a close. My administration is working mightily to resolve literally thousands of cases where families, survivors, witnesses and defendants have been left “in limbo” for decades by my predecessor.

The trauma and pressures created by these old cases on the survivors of violent crimes, the defendants and their families, the court system and my staff are unacceptable. Everyone responsible for the administration of justice in Alameda County, including the police, the courts and my office need to do much, much better. We are doing our part.