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(Victim/Witness Assistance Division)

(Account Clerk II)

(Salary $1,824.75 – 2,052.75 biweekly)

($3,953.63 - $4,447.65 approx. monthly)


There is an immediate position available for a Victim Advocate I. The candidate selected will be assigned to assist victims of crime and their families as required under California Penal Code 13835.5.


The Advocate will work with the victims and/or their families of Realignment crimes by addressing their social and psychological needs as they participate in the prosecution of their cases. The Advocate will assist victims in understanding the criminal justice process including notification of court hearings and submitting requests for restitution. The Advocate will assist victims of all types of crimes in completing and filing a California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB) application, answer questions regarding the CalVCB application process and provide referrals for services in the community.

The Advocate will provide the following mandated services: crisis intervention, emergency assistance, direct counseling, resource and referral counseling to community agencies, court support, criminal justice system orientation, public presentations and trainings, and case status and disposition notification. The Advocate will also provide assistance in submitting a victim impact statement and request for direct restitution to the court.

The position requires that the Advocate perform these services over the phone or through in-person contact at the main Victim/Witness Office in Oakland or the Dublin branch office of the District Attorney's Office.


Applications will be screened for the most qualified candidates to participate in an oral interview. Candidates who are selected for the interview will be notified by telephone. Depending on the number of qualified applicants, a second interview may be required among the finalists for the position.


· Bachelor’s degree in behavioral science, criminal justice, or related curricula, or in a field relevant to working with victims of crime.

· Work experience in the field of victim services involving the provision of victim services, peer counseling, or equivalent social service skills.

Additional Requirements

· Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing with individuals and groups; public, private, and governmental agencies, particularly criminal justice agencies.

· Ability to communicate and deal effectively with individuals and groups in stressful situations.

· Ability to work effectively under conditions of limited supervision, high stress, and rapidly changing situations and circumstances.

· Ability to demonstrate sensitivity to the cultural/ethnic diversity of the service populations and to be sensitive to the needs of special population; e.g. differently abled, young children, elderly, etc.

· Possess interpersonal, problem solving, and organizational skills.

· Ability to pass a background investigation intended to identify factors which may limit effective job performance and other areas consistent with office policy and practice.

· Possess the skill to successfully complete a required minimum 40 hours of entry level training.

Other Qualifications desirable in a candidate

Bilingual, oral and written skills

All applications must be submitted no later than 5:00p.m. Friday, March 13,2020.

Contact Maria Lukan, Office Manager, at (510) 272-6179 to request an application.

The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office is an equal opportunity employer.
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