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(Collection Enforcement Deputy I)

Salary $2016.75 – $2388.00 biweekly

($4369.63 - $5174.00 approx. monthly)


The Claims Specialist position requires the evaluation of an applicant's eligibility for State Compensation from the Victims of Violent Crimes Act, a financial reimbursement program administered by the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board (VCGCB). The Claims Specialist is responsible for verifying and calculating medical and/or wage losses and reimbursement and the preparation of a report used by the VCGCB in making its final decision on the claim.

Applicants should possess the following skills and abilities

Ability to:

1. Read, write, and communicate orally effectively and possess good organizational skills;

2. Analyze problems and take effective action;

3. Understand, assimilate, and apply the extensive laws and regulations which govern the Victims of Crime Compensation Program;

4. Calculate, analyze, and evaluate financial losses resulting from injuries;

5. Understand general medical terminology;

6. Work within a computer network system;

7. Work well under pressure, meeting deadlines and quotas;

8. Work with a wide diversity of applicants who may be in crisis;

9. Deal effectively with the public;

10. Establish and maintain good relationships with those contacted during the course of the job;

11. Work independently with minimal supervision;

12. Adapt to frequent State of California policy and statutory revisions governing the claims verification process.

13. To attend a two weeks of paid training in Sacramento requiring overnight lodging.

14. The selected candidate, as an employee of the District Attorney’s Office of the Alameda County, must successfully pass a background investigation intended to identify factors which may limit effective job performance and other areas consistent with office policy and practice.

15. Applicant must be Spanish speaking.

The following qualifications are highly desirable:

  1. Possession of a college degree;
  2. Work experience in performing claims or case review and/or investigative duties for an insurance company, bank, medical benefits, or related industry;
  3. Fluency in languages in addition to English and Spanish

The Exam process: Written Examination and Oral Interview

Applications will be reviewed to determine the candidate’s suitability for a written pass/fail examination. Depending on the number of applications received, candidates will be notified by telephone if they are selected for the written examination. The written examination, (about 1 hour) will be scheduled by appointment during the week of XXXX X , 2020.

Those candidates who pass the written examination will be contacted to return for an oral interview.

To receive an application or further information, contact Maria Lukan, Office Manager at (510) 272-6179.

Deadline for submission of applications is 5:00pm, XXXX XFriday, March 13, 2020.

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