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People v James Evans Lightner

Recently, a jury found Defendant James Evans Lightner guilty of three counts of forcible rape and two counts of forcible oral copulation.

Defendant Lightner and the victim, Jane Doe, knew each other for approximately 30 years and had a son together. On June 6, 2017, Defendant Lightner came over to Jane Doe’s apartment in Hayward after an evening out. She went to the kitchen to prepare him some food, and Defendant Lightner came up behind her and began sexually assaulting her. She pushed him away and told him to stop, and Defendant Lightner didn’t like being rejected and became angered.

While they were on the couch watching television, Defendant Lightner sexually assaulted Jane Doe again. She told him no numerous times and pushed him away. Defendant Lightner became angry and slapped her across the face. She tried other diversions, but he continued to beat and and rape her. The event lasted three hours until Defendant Lightner passed out and the victim was able to hide in the bathroom and call for help.

On January 9, 2018, Defendant James Evans Lightner was sentenced to 36 years in state prison and will be a registered sex offender for life.

The case was prosecuted by Snr DDA Angela Backers with assistance from DA Inspector James Rullamas and Victim-Witness Advocate Jenifer Mello.

Posted on Feb 6, 2018