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DA O’Malley Receives the 2015 Irvine Foundation Leadership Award

In a recent ceremony in Sacramento, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley was honored as a recipient of the 2015 Irvine Foundation Leadership Award. This award recognized DA O’Malley’s innovative and effective solutions used in the fight to end human trafficking and child sex trafficking in the Bay Area and beyond.

DA O’Malley formed the HEAT (Human Exploitation and Trafficking) Watch program in 2005 – the first of its kind in California and the first to operate within a public prosecution office in the United States – bringing together prosecutors, police, service providers and the community to unite in the fight against human trafficking. Under her leadership, the Alameda County DA’s Office has prosecuted 46 percent of all human trafficking cases in California, according to a 2012 report from the California Attorney General.

As part of the Award, the Irvine Foundation endowed DA O’Malley with $200,000 and additional support to help fund further work into combatting human trafficking. DA O’Malley will use this grant to establish a dedicated institute to study human trafficking.

“I am deeply honored to be recognized by The Irvine Foundation and will use this award as an opportunity to create an Institute devoted to ending the sexual exploitation of children,” states Ms. O’Malley.

“The Institute will bring together a group of committed leaders from diverse backgrounds that will examine the status of our state’s response to human trafficking and create an evidence-based guide for policy makers, elected leader and communities to adopt in the fight to end human trafficking of children across our state.”

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Posted on Feb 15, 2015