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People v Gregory Hall

On December 22, 2015, a jury found defendant Gregory Hall guilty of first degree murder with enhancements for the 2012 killing of 67-year-old victim Michael Bradley.

On June 14, 2012, Michael Bradley was discovered by neighbors inside his home lying on his back, in a pool of blood. Neighbors grew concerned when the victim, a prominent artist who was well-liked in the neighborhood, had not been seen for days. When investigators from the Oakland Police Department arrived on scene, they observed a trail of blood leading from the victim’s body to the kitchen as well as a freshly-cut electrical cord in the center of the blood trail inside the kitchen.

An autopsy of the victim’s body revealed that he had been stabbed 16 times on both sides of his body, including once through his heart and lungs, and evidence that he had been strangled with a ligature consistent with that of the electrical cord. The killer had entered through the rear of the residence, cut the electrical cord from a hairdryer, and attacked the victim from behind in the kitchen -- first by strangulation and then with a knife, before fleeing the scene.

During a canvass of the neighborhood, investigators discovered a blood-soaked jacket down the block, wedged between two buildings. Inside the jacket pockets, investigators found a bloody sock as well as a balaclava beanie with eye-hole cutouts.

Biological material from the jacket, its contents, and the electrical cord were subjected to DNA testing by the Oakland Police Department Crime Laboratory and were found to match both the DNA profiles of Defendant Hall’s and the victim. Through subsequent investigation, investigators learned that Defendant Hall lived next door to the victim and the two were frequently seen together on the victim’s property.

At trial, the jury rejected testimony from Defendant Hall that he was present at the scene on the night Michael Bradley was murdered, but had nothing to do with the killing.

Defendant Hall faces approximately 76-years-to-life and is scheduled to be sentenced on February 5, 2016. The case was prosecuted by DDA Adam Maldonado with assistance from DA Inspector Tom Cleary and Victim-Witness Advocate Dena Aindow.

(Docket #172445)

Posted on Dec 22, 2015