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People v Ashon Tryan Olivegoffner

On August 26, 2015, defendant Ashon Tryan Olivegoffner was found guilty of forcible rape, corporal injury to a partner, sexual penetration by foreign object, second degree robbery, and false imprisonment by violence.

Defendant Olivegoffner and the victim had been dating for 6 months, and living together for 4 months. Early in the morning on April 25, 2015, the victim was picked up after work by defendant Olivegoffner and they stopped by a friend’s birthday on the way home. After one drink, they continued home together and defendant Olivegoffner argued with victim throughout the ride.

The victim entered the house and went to shower. Defendant Olivegoffner came into the bathroom and demanded she leave the house. The victim got out of the shower, started getting dressed and packing up her belongings. Defendant Olivegoffner verbally berated her, disrupted her packing, and threw her onto the bed three times when she attempted to put clothes on. He choked her with two hands, where she was briefly unable to breathe. Olivegoffner said things to the victim to make her feel she was not free to leave, including talking about kidnapping and torturing her in the future.

Defendant Olivegoffner demanded the victim's tip money from that evening’s work and she told him to find it in the trunk of her car. He returned from the car angry because he couldn’t find the money and dragged her half-dressed out to the street. Defendant Olivegoffner slapped the victim across the face, dragged her back inside, stole the money from her and then raped her.

The victim asked permission to clean herself up and defendant Olivegoffner allowed it. She threw on pants and a sweater and fled the house. Outside, she hid behind a car and watched defendant Olivegoffner come out after her. He got into her car, and drove away. The victim fled on foot in the opposite direction, running for about half a mile without shoes before she flagged down an OPD officer conducting a traffic stop for help.

On September 24, 2015, Defendant Ashon Tryon Olivegoffner was sentenced to 22 years 8 months state prison and will be required to register as as sex offender for the rest of his life. The case was prosecuted by DDA Laura Passaglia, with assistance from DA Inspector Andrea Moreland and Victim-Witness Advocate Kelli Sage.

Posted on Aug 31, 2015