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People v Charles Edward Luckett

On April 20, 2015, a jury found defendant Charles Edward Luckett guilty of murder with special circumstances for the 1993 killing of Anthoney Vaughn.

On July 16, 1993, defendant Charles Edward Luckett and a second suspect went into the Sizzler restaurant, located on the corner of Telegraph Avenue and 27th Street in Oakland. The restaurant was closed, although some remaining customers were finishing up up their meals.

Defendant Luckett and this other man lingered over their meals and then asked to see the manager, complaining of hair in their food. When the manager, victim Anthoney Vaughn, and a waiter went over to the defendant’s table, the waiter noticed that one of the men was armed with a gun and ran from the table shouting that it was a robbery.

Defendant Luckett and his accomplice then ordered all of the patrons to the ground and marched the manager to the office where they demanded he open the safe. Witnesses heard the men yelling at the manager to open the safe and one of the men telling the other to “bust him” or “kill him” followed by several gunshots. After the gunshots, defendant Luckett and his co-participant left the restaurant. Anthoney Vaughn died of multiple gunshot wounds. The safe was never opened.

DNA evidence from a cigarette butt found in the remnants of a baked potato on defendant Luckett's table led to a cold hit in the CODIS database. It identified the defendant, Charles Edward Luckett. The probability of finding another individual with similar DNA is 1 in 9.7 trillion.

Defendant Luckett will be sentenced on June 12, 2015. The case was prosecuted by DDA Danielle Hilton with assistance from Inspector George Phillips.

Posted on Apr 29, 2015