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People v Gustavo Moran

On November 12, 2014, a jury convicted defendant Gustavo Moran of the first degree murder of 18-year-old Jesus Diaz. The jury found true the allegation that the defendant personally used a firearm, and additionally convicted him of shooting into an occupied vehicle and assault with a firearm on a 15-year-old girl.

On October 13, 2010, the defendant conspired to rob Mr. Diaz of $250 during a drug deal with a semi-automatic firearm. The defendant and his co-conspirators lured Mr. Diaz and his teenage girlfriend to the San Lorenzo Community Center around 9:00pm. There, the Defendant rushed Mr. Diaz’ vehicle and brandished a loaded 9mm semi-automatic firearm. As his co-participants demanded money, the defendant began pistol-whipping Mr. Diaz. As Mr. Diaz attempted to drive off, the defendant emptied the clip of his semi-automatic pistol, killings Mr. Diaz. The teenage girl sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

On May 5,2015, defendant Moran was sentenced by Judge Stuart Hing to 50 years to Life.

This case was prosecuted by DDA Adam Maldonado with assistance from Inspector Tim Bergquist.

Posted on Nov 12, 2014