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People v Eric Perry

Recent verdict:

On July 25, 2012, a jury convicted Eric Perry of first degree murder, and two counts of attempted second degree robbery. The jury further convicted defendant Perry of the special circumstance of murdering Mr. Ronald Spears Jr in the course of a robbery, having personally and intentionally discharged the firearm that caused death and attempting to rob Tara Rother and Angelina Richmond using a firearm.

On August 21, 2007, Ronald Spears Jr. was driving through Oakland with two friends. After getting lost, Mr. Spears pulled the car into a gas station. Defendant Perry was walking from the gas station’s store window, when Mr. Spears’ car pulled up next to him and asked him for directions. The defendant indicated some directions and then asked Mr. Spears for a ride, saying that he would show them the way.

Defendant Perry got into the car’s back passenger seat and pulled out a loaded gun. The defendant pointed the gun at the three victims, threatened their lives and aggressively demanded their money. He pointed his gun at Spears’ head as Mr. Spears handed over cash, as well as the gold chain he was wearing. Defendant and Mr. Spears began to struggle with one another as the two women jumped out of the rolling car. After the car crashed into a tree, Mr. Spears jumped out of the car and began to run. Defendant Perry followed Mr. Spears out of the car, began to run in the opposite direction of Mr. Spears but then stopped and turned back towards him. Defendant Perry fired one fatal shot into the back of Mr. Spears as Mr. Spears was running away.

The defendant will be sentenced on September 14, 2012. The DDA was Laura Passaglia.

Posted on Aug 7, 2012