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2010 Officer Recognition Awards

On October 11, 2010, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley presented her Office’s Police Officer Recognition Award to seven recipients, all members of Law Enforcement Agencies in Alameda County.

The award recognized either a notable and outstanding body of work spanning a long career in law enforcement, or exemplary work in a specific case, contributing to a successful prosecution and the furtherance of justice.

From the Oakland Police Department:

Officer Herb Webber
Officer Webber was recognized for his work in aiding the Alameda County DA’s Sexual Assault Team and DNA Unit. Because of his excellent investigations of cold cases and victim sensitive cases, as well as his sensitive interaction with victims and thoughtful discussions with Deputy DA’s, many of his investigations have resulted in successful prosecutions leading to long prison sentences.

Sergeant Tony Jones
Sergeant. Jones was recognized for his outstanding work in the prosecution of People v. Michael Woods, a multiple murder case. He located and personally transported reluctant witnesses and executed a search warrant after the case had been held to answer to further strengthen the case. He was in constant communication with the prosecutor, Deputy DA Venus Johnson, and did an excellent job in his courtroom testimony. The case resulted in a successful jury trial conviction.

From the Berkeley Police Department:

Sergeant Todd Sabins and Detective Emily Murphy
Sergeant Sabins and Detective Murphy were recognized for their work in the case of People v. Andrew Hoeft-Edenfield, a brutal murder involving the stabbing death of a UC Berkeley college student. The work they did in conducting interviews of percipient witnesses and the statements they took from the defendant proved to be essential in the prosecution. Their willingness to assist the prosecution team during the trial was invaluable in securing a conviction.

From the Fremont Police Department:

Officer Ken Bryant:
Officer Bryant was recognized for his work in People v. William Watson, a case of brutal stalking, threats and spousal rape. Officer Bryant did excellent forensic computer work in gathering evidence against the defendant. The Defendant was a prominent businessman in Vallejo and it truly was a case of his word against that of the victim. Officer Bryant was persistent in his tireless investigation, culminating in a successful jury trial conviction.

From the Hayward Police Department:

Inspector Bob Coffey
Inspector Coffey was recognized as the primary investigator assigned to the case of People v. Aaron Parsons, a rape prosecution against a brutal sexual predator. Inspector Coffey found additional victims to prove that the defendant’s conduct was one of a pattern of assaultive behavior against women. He linked up several in-state and out-of-state investigations to show defendant’s criminal conduct. Inspector Coffey gave the same effort during the trial portion of the case. His effort helped lead to a successful jury trial conviction.

From the Alameda County Probation Dept:

Institutional Supervisor Clark Blackmore
Institutional Supervisor Blackmore was recognized for his “body of work” as an outstanding liaison between the Probation Department and Alameda County prosecutors in the Juvenile Division. Available day and night, Supervisor Blackmore knows no difference between work hours and off hours; he is ever-ready to assist and inform the Deputy DA’s about the minors and the cases coming into the juvenile justice system.

Posted on Oct 14, 2010