Alameda County District Attorney's Office
Nancy E. O'Malley, District Attorney

Meet DA Nancy E. O'Malley

Collaborative Courts

When people involved in the criminal justice system have resources and pathways to success, recidivism drops considerably.

The DA’s Office has created and helped develop many programs that address the underlying cause of crime. These provide low-level offenders with an opportunity to reconcile their actions and alter their behaviors, while remaining contributing members of society.

For many low-level offenders, incarceration is not the best option.

Our innovative programs and Collaborative Courts include:

Team Effort

In a Collaborative Court, the DA’s office partners with the judge, defense attorney, probation, social services and other allied professionals.

Provide court-prescribed goals

The court has guiding benchmarks for these programs, and requires frequent check-ins and status reports to ensure the offender is actively participating in the program.

Customized services and mentoring

The programs are tailored to the needs of the offender to ensure the root cause of the crime is identified and concentrated on.

Accountability & Restitution

The offender has the opportunity to participate in a program for 12-24 months. If the victim has suffered a loss, the court will order restitution be paid to the victim.

Our forward-thinking philosophy enabled over 8,000 cases to be heard in Collaborative Courts in 2016.

Embracing Change with Partnerships

DA Nancy O’Malley believes in smart solutions for safe communities. She is a leader on the Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) Executive Committee, and co-chairs the Fiscal Procurement Subcommittee and the Data Subcommittee. She works collaboratively to channel resources into our community and those around the state that enable effective prevention efforts.

Collaborative Courts

  • Early Intervention Court
  • Behavioral Mental Health Court
  • Drug Court
  • Mentor Diversion Court
  • Veterans Court
  • Parole Re-entry Court

Innovative Programs and Initiatives

  • Alameda County Prop 47 Re-sentencing Program
  • Project Clean Slate
  • Misdemeanor Diversion Program
  • Realignment initiatives
  • Alameda County Justice Restoration Project
  • Pretrial Release Project

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